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Talk To Me! Consultation Session


No idea where to begin, but you know you want change?
Have you been recently diagnosed and looking for solutions instead of "tags and band-aids?"
Do you need help with achieving and sustaining your goals?
Need healthy cooking tips?
I am here!
Book your one on one time with me today!
There is nothing that we cannot achieve and resolve together!
We can meet in person, talk over the phone or a facetime call.
All Talk To Me sessions include:
Brief email or text prep session (to make the most of your call or meeting time)
30 or 60 minute talk
Getting your health related questions answered
Personalized Goals outlined with solutions and steps to achieve them
Schedule your Talk To Me session today!

****************** PLEASE READ******************
If sessions are cancelled the same day they are to occur, your session fee will not be refunded. Time has already been scheduled and set aside for your consultation.
All sessions need to be cancelled 48 hours in advanced to receive a PARTIAL refund. All information gathered for the individual will be given along with the partial refund.
If you do not call in at the time I have requested or we have agreed upon, your session fee is non refundable as well.
When purchasing your time, you have agreed to the terms above.

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