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Purple Sea Moss

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Organic, wild crafted and ocean fresh!
Grab yoyr bag if Raw sea moss and incorporate it into your will change your life!

Wash sea moss a few times in clean water to remove remnants of the ocean and store in fridge! Add to smoothies, crate a gel to add to meals, face masks, hair products and more!!!

Sea moss is known as the healthiest sea green that exists.
There are 102 vital minerals our body needs to properly function. Sea moss alone provides 92! Yes! 92!

Sea moss is rich in sulfur, protein, calcium, iodine, bromine, iron, selenium potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, manganese, pectin, vitamins A,C,B and much more! Truly natures multivitamin!

removes mucus
increased sex drive
anti inflammatory
increases circulation
excellent for reproductive health
hair growth
eliminates cravings
appetite suppressant
immunity boost
infection fighting
prevents arthritis
prevents osteoporosis
excellent for skin
great for anxiety and depression
treats bronchitis
treats pneumonia
treats colds
treats flu
relieves muscle pain
relieves skin pain
prevents vomiting
promotes good digestion
stomach ulcers
anti aging
heals acne
and more!

To maintain as much of its nutritional value as possible the best way to prepare your R.A.W Sea Moss is:

1. Wash it thoroughly, this Sea Moss is sun dried after coming straight from the coasts of Jamaica. It will still be salty so give it a good wash.

2. Once your Sea Moss has been washed it’s soaking time. 
a. Put your Sea Moss to soak in spring or distilled water. Ensure that a sufficient amount of water is used as the Sea Moss will absorb water when expanding.
b. Soak your Sea Moss for at least 20 minutes (if you have time a few hours in the refrigerator is fine).

3. blend your Sea Moss with some fresh water until smooth.

4. Your Sea Moss is now ready for use!

5. Mix with your favourite smoothies, use in your cooking, drink as a tea, use for face masks and so much more...

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