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Postpartum Herbal Bath


Packed full of relaxing, healing, anti-inflammatory herbs that could be used in a bath, a peri wash, or even as a compress.
This ultra healing mix of herbs is perfectly soothing and promotes healing for the sensitive postpartum time.
These will be a perfect addition to a baby shower gift!

Peri Bottle use:
Bring 32 oz of water to a boil. Turn off water, add a muslin bag (included) full of the herbal bath blend. Steep for 10-15 min, remove bag. Pour herbal water in peri bottle and refrigerate to store.

For bath:
Place a muslin bag full of herbs in your tub of hot water. Fill tub at least 3-4 inches to cover perineum area. Relax and let herbal blend sooth and heal.

Each bag full can be used more than once. please refrigerate after each use if you indtend to use again.

Each bag is enough for 8-10 (16-20 if reused) infusions.

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